Dapp browsers will radically accelerate the adoption of Ethereum

Dapp browsers will radically accelerate the adoption of Ethereum

In 2017 browsers based on the decentralized application (dapp) Ethereum became popular, mainly due to the increasing popularity of applications, including CryptoKitties. On the wave of popularity, the game CryptoKitties that allows you to collect virtual kittens, provided over 20% of the total transaction Ethereum.

CryptoKitties appreciated some cryptocurrency experts, including Andreessen Horowitz partner Balaji Sreenivasan. The expert noted that the application demonstrated the potential of Ethereum for the digital processing of trading assets on a decentralized basis without the participation of intermediaries.

Sreenivasan said:

“This is one of the first examples of what people said for many years: well-managed international trade of digital assets (not just cash) on the blockchain”.

Difficult to repeat

CryptoKitties is a success story of decentralized applications into a large commercial project. This is due to extensive coverage in the media. CryptoKitties was a breakthrough, because such success applications on the Ethereum Protocol is very rarely attained.

The lessons of the past

To evaluate the existing structure of decentralized market applications Ethereum enough to remember the era of mobile apps before the existence of Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Then users had to download applications from web sites directly from distributors and developers. This process was extremely inefficient for applications from the point of view of acquiring popularity, since a significant portion of the capital had to be allocated for marketing.

In recent months, the browsers based on Ethereum, provided a platform for users to search for innovative decentralized applications. From the point of view of enterprises decentralized applications to view users of these browsers rabotaotmarini Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Combining applications and users

CEO of Coinbase Brian Armstrong explained in his blog that in the future Ethereum browsers will be able to increase the availability of decentralized applications and submit them to a potentially broader user and consumer base.

Armstrong wrote on this subject:

“Our theory is that the smartphone + Ethereum + dapps offers an unprecedented opportunity to bring the idea of cryptocurrency to people all over the world. We are trying to increase economic freedom in the world and to improve the situation in countries with low indicators. The above tools are easy to take for granted if you live in the developed countries, but for most people living in the world today, these tools are not available.”

Decentralized applications running on the basis of the Ethereum Protocol, use a standard token ERC20 and work with native tokens that are compatible with the site. Consequently, the digital tokens can be easily processed on decentralized trading platforms. However, experts like Armstrong believe that the adoption of the browsers Ethereum and decentralized applications can take many months before they reach commercial success. However, once recognition is received such browsers revolutionizing the market for decentralised applications.

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