Daily BTC transaction increased to levels 10-month-old

Daily BTC transaction increased to levels 10-month-old

The number of daily transactions of Bitcoin (BTC) continues to grow, last week the average for the day amounted to 277 672, is a maximum of 10 months old.

According to Blockchain, the number of daily transactions reached a peak during the rally of December-January, when it was approximately 500 000. At least reduce the interest of investors and of prices in April, this number dropped to 135 000.

April daily transactions nearly doubled, to over the last few days values 300 000. At the same time Bitcoin was down, now the cryptocurrency fluctuates above the level of $ 6000, this is a high price level, because of the logarithmic analyses pointed to $ 5000.

During the same period, the cost per transaction or the remuneration of the miners, divided by the number of transactions, since January has declined steadily and is currently at the level of at least $ 36.

As the maturity of the bitcoin network, a network of altcoins are also beginning to gain momentum: 9 November, the number of transactions carried out on the network TRON, amounted to 1,367 million, surpassing the record of Ethereum in 1,349 million, recorded January 4, 2018.

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