Customers complain about Poloniex lock Legacy accounts. What happened?

Customers complain about Poloniex lock Legacy accounts. What happened?

Last week, many users Poloniex began to complain that their Legacy accounts forcibly locked due to failed verification procedures.

The last couple of days from social networks and forums there were complaints and reports that even users who were able to successfully complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) automatically, still not open access to the media.

Back in December of 2017, the platform Poloniex announced that all users must confirm their identity by the first quarter of 2018. Shortly after this exchange was acquired by Financial firm Circle. Many users believe that Poloniex requirements associated with the merger, as the Circle adheres strictly to the regulatory policy AML/KYC.

In the forum thread about Reddit Poloniex every day there are new complaints about the verification procedure. One user named u/PauleeWorli is still unable to access your account even after the automated process.

“I fulfilled all the requirements and received an e-mail about the successful completion of the procedure — my profile now has a level 3 verification. But when I try to put a trade order, the exchange informs me that my account is frozen. Many Twitter users complain of the same problem”.

The user exchanges on Twitter explains that angry, because I was not notified of the freezing of the account:

“Freeze all of a sudden? I have not even received an email indicating the time limit!”

At the moment, official statements on the official website Poloniex or Twitter, and the forum Reddit, did not appear.

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