Cryptopia hacked, the stock exchange reported significant losses. Chithiram the end?

Cryptopia hacked, the stock exchange reported significant losses. Chithiram the end?

January has started briskly. A week ago hackers made a successful 51 percent attack on the blockchain Ethereum Classic, which ended in huge losses and damaged reputation of the team. Although the attackers returned the equivalent of 100 thousand dollars for the Playground, the situation is not saved. Now the problem caught up with cryptocurrency exchanges — hacking reported Cryptopia.

What happens to Cryptopia

At the moment the site is not working. If you try to go to the exchange see the following.

The inscription says that at the moment Cryptobia is in unscheduled maintenance. Representatives of the team I apologize for the inconvenience and promise to get back on air as soon as possible. According to their statement, the developers are hard at work restoring health. It boils so much that the guys didn’t even notice the typo in the last word.

Intuition fails — the worst had happened. The details of the representatives of Cryptopia shared on Twitter.

According to the staff, January 14, the exchange has experienced problems in the security system that led to “substantial losses”. As soon as the programmers noticed the flaw, the site was transferred to the maintenance mode.

Cryptopia is not working

Immediately thereafter, the staff contacted state agencies, including the New Zealand police and the Department for combating high-tech crime. The latter is already investigating the situation.

Before the end of the relevant action trading platform will be unavailable. The company also promises to notify users about the progress of the situation.

It seems that this time the hackers got to the big money of the exchange, which is called the “Queen shitkino”. And although the same WhalePanda calls it “irrelevant”, the volume of trading remains high. By the way, the data on the exchange on CoinMarketCap already are not updated.

For the last 33 hours with Cryptopia brought at least 20758 ETH. It’s the equivalent of 2,657 million dollars.

If the losses are really “essential”, waiting for the falling of many coins. Ethereum, Zcoin, Ethereum Classic and other major projects are traded on the more popular exchanges, so that their event is unlikely to be affected.

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