CryptoKitties give way CryptoCelebrities

CryptoKitties give way CryptoCelebrities

The game CryptoKitties has a competitor. CryptoCelebrities allows players to buy out the contracts of celebrities on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain.

CryptoKitties the game has gained such popularity in the cryptocurrency world that even slowed the work of the Ethereum blockchain. But now “virtual seal” there were potential rival celebrities. New game CryptoCelebrities allows people to buy contracts known and not so known celebrities.

The blockchain and the stars of the tabloids

The essence of the game CryptoCelebrities quite simple. Every celebrity has one contract that any player can purchase for Ethereum. If another player wants to get the celebrity, then he will have to pay for contract a little more, allowing the previous player to obtain a small profit.

This game collecting is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is quite expensive. Contract celebrities, which is less than 0.05 ETH that can be purchased, doubling the current value of the contract. With the price of the contract is from 0.05 to 0.5 ETH ETH will have to pay the amount that was 1.2 times higher than the current value. From 0.5 ETH, the contract price to 1.15 times the current value.

For example, let’s use the contract of Bruce Springsteen. The cost is 0,97944 ETH. After the purchase of the first buyer, the following interested person will have to pay for it 1,126356 ETH. Thus, the first buyer will earn 0,146916 ETH. If you take the current value of Ethereum (997,90 USD), the buyer will have to pay the equivalent of 977,38 US dollars to buy out the contract Springsteen. However, the owner will earn 146,60 U.S. dollars, if the next buyer purchases this contract.

Crazy for celebrities

As shown by the game CryptoKitties, people are quite willing to spend tons of money on virtual Goodies. While the developers CryptoCelebrities assure that the prices of contracts are growing all the time, the use of any celebrity brings the game more and more popularity. People go crazy for celebrities. Just look at the success of the boring of the Kardashian family (they are so far gone in the game).

The whole point of the profit lies in the fact to arouse interest among the buyers of the contract. Many people wonder whether heading to the game developers letter of warning because of the similarities with celebrities. In fact, the developer of the game was in San Francisco, USA and not in some country with a notoriously weak mechanisms for the protection of intellectual property.

Celebrities can also earn when you purchase their contracts. They need to verify your identity in the game, and then they will be able to 3 percent of each transaction. A celebrity can either leave the money or donate it to charity.

Now the “cheap” celebrity in CryptoCelebrities is a Swedish musician håkan Hellstrom, whose contract is 0,40154 ETH. The most expensive celebrity acne Buterin, which is not surprising, since he is the co-founder of Ethereum. It sold for an impressive 20,16182 ETH. The list of 5 most expensive celebrities include: Angelina Jolie (13,47069 ETH), Donald trump (13,47069 ETH), Satoshi Nakamoto (13,47069 ETH) and Emma Watson (7,35665 ETH).

Frankly, it is unlikely that this investment game will become popular among the masses, especially given its cost, but you should not underestimate the public’s obsession with celebrities. In this game based on the blockchain technology will be constantly updated with new and new celebrity. Even the contracts of deceased celebrities can participate in transactions. The game already has contracts Jack benny and Ronnie Barker.

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