Cryptofauna: Hotels, shopping malls and offices is China’s forbidden to contact with cryptocurrency companies

Cryptofauna: Hotels, shopping malls and offices is China’s forbidden to contact with cryptocurrency companies

Jobin Juan, a reporter from South China Morning Post, confirmed the authenticity of online documents issued by the Chinese government aimed to continue the displacement of cryptocurrencies out of the country.

According to the new order to all shopping malls, hotels, offices and other institutions prohibited in their premises related to cryptocurrency event. New ban followed a decree, released this week, which blocks user access to cryptocurrency sites and social network communities.

It seems that the Chinese government aggressively promotes its campaign to make neoslojnennaya cryptocurrency in the country. Now the authorities have banned enthusiasts to meet in public places for cryptocurrency events, conferences and conventions.

Journalist Jobin Juan was able to get from local authorities confirmation of the authenticity of the new order:

“Employee financial authority said that the notice appeared when last week it became known about the event, organized by the foreign cryptocurrency exchanger. While the ban only applies to the Beijing Chaoyang district”.

Recently, Wechat, a very popular Chinese social app for chatting, was ordered to remove from platform eight cryptocurrency news resources.

The restrictive measures of the Chinese government began in September last year, and the first step was a complete ban on ICO. It is obvious that cryptocurrency is objectionable to the regulators of China, but the blockchain in explicit honor.

Thus the loyalty of the government to the blockchain became a loophole for Chinese cryptocurrency enthusiasts. All companies were obliged to change the focus from cryptocurrency on the blockchain. Edition Morning Post explains:

“All the media focused on blockchain became known, despite the prohibition of cryptocurrencies, because they filled an empty niche dramatically, providing investors with relevant information about the price of cryptocurrencies, as well as making reviews of projects related to Baccano. Like other Chinese news service, these platforms are largely depend on Wechat, required for audience coverage, in addition to applications and web sites. Lock account in Wechat touched on some of the most popular news platforms, including Jinse and Caijing Huobi News, whose apps and websites still work.”

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