Cryptocurrency was introduced to the sport. Messi, Arsenal and the NBA really believe in Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency was introduced to the sport. Messi, Arsenal and the NBA really believe in Bitcoin

Last year the cryptocurrency has soared in price, allowing them to strengthen and is now actively penetrating the world of sport. In January 2018 was signed the first contract between a major sports club and a blockchain partner.

The first contract – Arsenal

Breakthrough was a deal between Arsenal and the company CashBet. The London club advertises ICO CashBet token Coin, a new cryptocurrency for the online gaming. The transaction amount was not disclosed, but we can assume that it was unlikely below $ 1 million.

The contract provides for advertising CashBet Coin at the Emirates stadium and the official website of “Arsenal”, thus to promote the cryptocurrency used photos of famous players and the club’s emblem.

The growth of interest in the NBA

In the NBA, one of the most technologically advanced leagues in the world, has begun to use cryptocurrencies in 2014, when their course is not followed the entire planet. The experiment was launched by the club “Sacramento Kings”, which first allowed the fans to pay bitcoins for e-tickets and gear in the online store.

In 2018 this idea was supported by billionaire club owner “Dallas Mavericks” mark Cuban: answering a question from Twitter followers, he promised that his club will start accepting payments in crypto-currencies in the next NBA season.

Lionel Messi

As soon as the blockchain and cryptocurrencies have become the main theme of autumn 2017, in the flow of information burst into one of the kings of football. Leo Messi became the advertising face of the company Sirin Labs, which is developing the world’s first cryptocanthon Finney (the device will operate on the system Shield OS based on Android). To contract Messi was announced in all the social networks, the total coverage of publications amounted to about 100 million people. Sirin Labs was founded by a Kazakh investor Kenes Rakishev and Israeli businessman Moshe Chegaga.

Nikita Kucherov

Possibly the best hockey player on the planet right now (at least the best scorer of the NHL) Nikita Kucherov, too, in the course of development of blockchain platforms. He is involved in the Russian project TokenStars is a platform for working with emerging and current sports stars. Everyone can help new players to get into tournaments and to improve conditions for training. While investors can not only follow the career of athletes, but also to make key decisions — for example, the signing professional or commercial contracts.

Nick Kirios

One of the best players in the world, Nick Kyrgios has invested money in his friend Sam Karagiozis Auscoin is a network of cryptocurrency ATM in which any Australian resident can exchange cash to bitcoins or Vice versa. The network of cryptocurrency ATM takes 6% of any operation, so for Kyrgios this can be a very profitable investment.

The first player to receive a salary in bitcoin

At the end of the 2017 athletic world lit up with news from Denmark: hockey club “Rungsted” was renamed your ice Palace in the Bitcoin Arena, as its General sponsor was the Danish bitcoin billionaire Niklas Nicolaisen — owner of a payment provider Bitcoin Suisse (for example, through its application to the inhabitants of the Swiss Canton of Zug is already unable to pay utility bills).

One of the players “Rungsted”, striker Nicholas Rosenthal, is the first professional athlete, receiving a salary in bitcoins. The Rosenthal a bachelor’s degree at the business school of Copenhagen, he also owns shares in several companies for the production of clothes and to reduce food waste at enterprises.

Luis Suarez

Terrible striker “Barcelona” used the power of their social networks to advertise the platform for predictions Stox, who also conducted the ICO and is now estimated at $ 36 million. This is a new project working on the basis of the blockchain, all transactions are made with a cryptocurrency Ethereum. The company expects 50 million a year in revenue.

Suarez back in the summer of 2017 urged the 25 million subscribers to make a prediction, who will win the tennis US Open, laying out a collage with them and Roger Federer.

Tarjei Boe

Norwegian biathlete also attracted the attention of the fans to the Russian project TokenStars, about which we wrote above. In December and January, the Olympic champion participated in a charity auction, put up for sale the ski which won the bronze medal world Cup 2015. Bought them for $ 304 (0.301 ETH).

Floyd Mayweather

All know the main nickname Floyd: Money (Money). In June, advertising content marketplace Hubii Network, which was prepared for the ICO, invincible boxer wrote: “Now call me Floyd Mayweather Crypto”. The joke was not only thin, but also prophetic.

Shortly after that, Floyd has supported two new projects ready to ICO. He advertised the same platform forecasts Stox, and Luis Suarez (the founders got more than $ 30 million), and then startup Centra, which promised to create a debit card with which you can pay with the cryptocurrency in everyday life. For this advertising Mayweather even made a map, which allegedly uses for business transactions. However, in early April the leaders of the Centra was arrested, and the project as a Scam. All references to Centra Floyd removed from their social networks.

“Real Madrid”

Real Madrid won two Champions League in a row — the first Spanish club that supports bitcoin payment. However, it is not in the official matches, but cryptocurrency can be used to pay for the official tour of the great stadium “Santiago Bernabeu”.

This project was implemented by 13Tickets, which is based in Murcia and planning to organize several interesting tourist routes and events for owners of bitcoins. The next club, which conducted the negotiations – “Atletico”.

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