Cryptocurrency wallet Ledger now supports Monero

Cryptocurrency wallet Ledger now supports Monero

Lead developer Aldona Monero (XMR) Ricardo Sanji said that cryptocurrency wallet Ledger will soon begin to support Monero.

During an interview for one of the episodes of the podcast Doug Polk on April 9, Sanji said that the integration of “already” happened.

If you are using a dev kit, you can use Monero with Ledger. Today it was still a couple of commits that should solve the minor problems… I hope that with the release 0.12.1 Monero will be the official support Ledger”.

Recall that just a week ago Monero made a hard fork to do the impossible, this cryptocurrency mining using ASIC-s.

Spanje previously promised “to do everything in his power” to small miners would still mine the cryptocurrency. Supporters of ASIC-s were forced to create alternative versions of Monero by forks.

Among them Monero and Monero Original Classic. According to Google Trends, both of these new altcon enjoyed considerable popularity among speculators.

Not to say that support Ledger did not affect the price of XMR. However, the effect was significantly smaller than expected by investors of the cryptocurrency. On 11 April, the price rose about half a percent and is now hovering around $ 166.

Meanwhile, users Ledger temporarily unable to access their funds in a Bitcoin Cash. From 9 to 11 April, all balances in the currency wallets in the Ledger was incorrect.

The new version of Bitcoin-ABC (Cash Bitcoin node) is incompatible with our parser. As a result, the balances shown in the Ledger wallet, is wrong.

The company promises to solve this problem today April 11.

Full podcast episode:

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