Cryptocurrency wallet Bread will allow you to buy bitcoins with credit cards

Cryptocurrency wallet Bread will allow you to buy bitcoins with credit cards

The Swiss company Bread Wallet has announced that their app makes the purchase of Bitcoin can be made using credit cards.

At that time, as the American banks “put a spoke in the wheel” to investors, Bread Wallet offers a unique environment. Using this service, which is the result of collaboration with Simplex, investors may not use the services of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Meanwhile, as the purchase via Bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange is a long and cumbersome process, the Bread purse offers investors a unique service:

Shipping Bitcoin in the same dendrinou purchase limit of $20,000 and a monthly limit of $50,000 Authorization of the user is in the app Bread, eliminating the need to “juggle” devices and copy / paste multiple number of addresses

Perhaps the main feature of the wallet Bread — a decentralized approach. Secret keys fall straight into the hands of consumers, bypassing the intermediaries. At cryptocurrency exchanges, things are different: if the buyer does not own wallet, the Bitcoin is automatically saved to the wallet of the exchange, which, as demonstrated by the hacker attack on Coincheck, very risky.

Bread Wallet — a bitcoin wallet that was created in 2013. The app works on both iOS and Android devices.

Given the fluctuations in the value of cryptocurrencies, in Bread you know that when buying Bitcoin one of the main conditions for investors is the prompt.

As noted on Twitter, these innovations help to pull Bitcoin out of the “depression”.

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