Cryptocurrency wallet now available in 22 States

Cryptocurrency wallet now available in 22 States

A British company providing services of digital wallets for cryptocurrency, has announced the release to the US market.

Now people from 22 U.S. States will be able to buy and sell not only bitcoin, but Cash and Bitcoin and Ethereum. Director-General Peter Smith in an interview with CNBC promised few weeks to add to the platform and other cryptocurrencies.

This step can be regarded as a confrontation cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. We will remind that the decision about implementation of the Coinbase Bitcoin Cash and the delay in the integration of the Protocol SegWit on the platform caused the dissatisfaction of some users.

Assessing the current state of the market, Smith said the following:

“If we place a priority on short-term profits, we will pay same attention to the purchase. That’s what most people do. It is time to eradicate it.”

Peter Smith claims that their company is not interested in
short-term benefit but create reliable and convenient service for
the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies.

Today used by over 22 million people, of which 30-40% are residents of the United States.

James Andrew Butler, co-founder of digital platforms Sharpe Capital spoke about it:

“The emergence of a growing number of service providers, especially those that reduce the technical barrier for the implementation of cryptocurrencies signals world traditional Bank and capital markets that the blockchain technology is not going anywhere. The market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies now is less than $600 billion Is a tiny amount in the context of global capital markets. Now we’ve seen the beginnings of acceptance. It’s like the Internet in 1994.”

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