Cryptocurrency traders are suing exchange Coincheck

Cryptocurrency traders are suing exchange Coincheck

A group of cryptocurrency traders, consisting of 10 people, announced that on Thursday, February 15 will sue the exchange Coincheck Inc.

From the words of the attorney representing the plaintiffs, the reason for the motion was denied by the exchange on withdrawals to external wallets, after stealing $ 530 million in the form of digital money 26 January this year. Also the group of traders may re-apply to court and claim damages at the end of the month.

Please comment on what was happening was completely ignored by the representatives of the exchange Coincheck, which did not answer a single phone call.

The incident with Coincheck once again reminds about the risks of trading assets. Exchange was not registered with the Japanese financial services Agency FSA and its security system was outdated. After a hacker attack on Coincheck the government further tightened control and began checking all the venues in Japan where they sell cryptocurrencies.

Tokyo stock exchange froze the withdrawal of the yen and digital money immediately after the theft. According to a statement in Twitter account exchanges today, February 13, withdrawals from the exchange have limited resume. Will be checked by the security system.

Restrictions on withdrawal will continue until the exchange is not able to guarantee security during all operations.

Representatives Coincheck added that Tuesday’s report will be published for regulators, which will be described in detail the circumstances of burglary and innovation in security system, which was introduced on the stock exchange, to prevent re-cracking.

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