Cryptocurrency startup has released Civic automatic for sale beer

Cryptocurrency startup has released Civic automatic for sale beer

Where today there is a long line for a beer, one can receive the vending machine Civic. At its booth at the annual SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, start-up Civic that represents a global system of identification of personal data, demonstrated three vending machine selling local products — beer Shiner Bock and Amber Austin.

It was a test product that Civic plans to formally introduce at the end of the year: the machine cost $ 15,000 US, which can confirm the age of the purchaser and to accept cryptocurrency payment.

“We combine identity and payment in one transaction”, — said the representative of the Civic Kapelaan Titus (Titus Capilnean).

Since opening the business last Sunday, Kapelaan estimated that the machines have sold about 150 bottles of beer a day, with a total value of 100 000 CVC — or 7600 USD. According to Kapilian, the cost of a bottle of beer is about 200 CVC or $ 12. IPhone owners who have downloaded the app Civic Pay and confirmed his identity, got a fairly CVC to buy one bottle. Then you should use the QR-code, which is scanned via the app and payment is done automatically.

“In fact, we have created the machines and tested them here,” said Capernian about the demonstration at SXSW. The first Civic was able to sell, and identity simultaneously, with the participation of a large number of people.

Although all transactions through the app, pay in bitcoin, the idea is that buyers can use the crypt as easily as Fiat money. Civic for the first time has demonstrated its ability to verify the age, by organizing the sale of beer Anheuser-Busch on the blockchain Consensus conference in 2018, but this year, the startup has increased the functionality of its machine by using the mobile app.

Technical problems were not the only obstacle that had to overcome the company.

“We forced the Texas Commission on alcoholic beverages to participate in this event,” said Capernian.

After state regulators became convinced that the law on the sale of alcoholic beverages to the adults only is observed, the organizers of SXSW, too, felt safe.

Not to disclose information about potential partners, Kapelaan reported that the Civic is already in talks with companies that would be interested in cooperation with Civic in places where it is possible to increase sales of alcohol. For example, sporting events and bars can use vending machines to verify age.

However, the company Civic believes that music festivals are better suited to selling beer through vending machines.

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