Cryptocurrency Russian businessman has filed a lawsuit against Google. The amount of the claim is 2 billion rubles

Cryptocurrency Russian businessman has filed a lawsuit against Google. The amount of the claim is 2 billion rubles

Last week, Google announced a complete ban of advertising of crypto-currencies and everything related to them on its platform. The reaction of the cryptocurrency community has been rapid, to be more precise, even violent. Forums “burned” debate cryptocurrency businesses looking for a way out of this situation.

Russian Vladimir Orekhov did not hesitate and submitted the claim to Zamoskvoretsky court of Moscow against Russian legal entities by Google Inc (“Google”). According to Vladimir, the company has caused him moral damage inflicted to him and his business the advertising ban cryptocurrency. To get back on the feet of the owner will help 2 billion. Nuts also insists that Google removed the ban on advertising of crypto-currencies.

Press Secretary of the Zamoskvoretsky court of Emilia Gil confirmed the registration of the claim of Smith on March 15.

In the lawsuit of Nuts explains what is cryptocurrency entrepreneur, investor and founder of a network of cryptocriminals. However, the draft cryptocriminals Smith yet developed. Prohibition of advertising in Google “suddenly deprived of its access to potential investors.” And since he invests in projects, the advertising ban ICO deprives him of the necessary information about companies conducting ICO. That, in turn, deprives Smith of prospective investments and “in the future will affect the income”. Ban ads by Google Vladimir considers illegal and in violation of his right to information.

The idea of Mr. Smith, of course, interesting, but doomed to failure. According to lawyers could not be required to distribute an advertisement on a particular subject. Secondly, in commercial Affairs does not show up demands for damages, it would be more logical to declare loss of economic benefits that the businessman suffered from a prohibition of advertising.

The decision by Google to ban advertising of crypto-currencies, of course, affects the market — along with Facebook, they control about 2/3 of world of online advertising.

As has recently become known for big brother followed and Yandex, blocking is a cryptocurrency, ICO and mining. I wonder, is this company a rain of lawsuits, deprived of the profits of users?

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