Cryptocurrency project have the actor Ryan Gosling as their graphic designer

Cryptocurrency project have the actor Ryan Gosling as their graphic designer

After a grueling process of filming Blade Runner in 2049, it seems that Hollywood superstar, actor, was awarded the prize “Oscar” Ryan Gosling took time off to work on a more modest project — to be a graphic designer is highly questionable cryptocurrency company.

Probably the worldwide popularity and love of millions tired of the actor.

So, where is Ryan Gosling working now? Today he is busy creating beautiful graphics for a new project based on the blockchain, called Miroskii.

Sounds high tech, right? Or, what seems more likely is the initial range of coins (ICO) — an outright fraud!

To stay informed of all fraudulent projects in the world of cryptocurrencies is a must.

Of course, the case of Ryan — the real absurd, but believe me, there were investors who do not would recognize the face of Mr. Gosling, if any, would not have seen without a careful analysis of the site. Photograph of Ryan was not the only one borrowed image. A Google search was put everything in its place.

Perry Henderson, is stated on the website as a blockchain enthusiast, CEO of several online companies is actually a real estate agent from Texas.

Joel Hermann —”the founder of the online Mysterium” and “fan technology is huge”, in fact, a practicing lawyer from new York .

Each team member Miroskii — “fake”.

Most likely, after this revealing article, Ryan “fired” from his position as a graphic designer. Let’s hope he’s not too upset and will continue to delight us with your stunning acting.

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