Cryptocurrency or death: ready to go criminals for bitcoin

Cryptocurrency or death: ready to go criminals for bitcoin

The cryptocurrency has attracted many representatives of the criminal world. And in the race for easy money these people are ready for anything. Blackmail, kidnapping, murder — is just a small list of what to avoid to owners of bitcoins.

After you have left

Last week, the number of Internet users received e-mails sent on behalf of the owner of the website on the darknet. Cryptoendoliths warned that someone ordered their killer and they left to live 36 hours. But murder can still be prevented. For this it is sufficient to send $4,000 in bitcoins to the specified address and the order will be cancelled.

It would seem that this is a simple blackmail, designed for gullible people. But someone in the end, Yes will send the requested amount. It is because of these users and a growing number of “digital” scams around the world.

In particular, in USA the situation with cryptocurrency extortion became widespread.

For example, the States of Massachusetts and Oregon, several companies and institutions have been threatened with the requirement to transfer $20,000 into a bitcoin address. Otherwise, malicious promise to arrange a series of terrorist attacks.

The goal of the ransomware are mainly representatives of business, universities and schools. Cases of blackmail were reported in California, Iowa, new Jersey, Pennsylvania, Louisiana and even Canada. According to militiamen, what is happening is part of a nationwide “campaign.” The police recommends not to trust the criminals, and not to forget the threat of attention.

Criminal Eurotrip

About cryptocurrency blackmail I know firsthand and in Europe. Then suffer intimidation from Amsterdam businessmen.

Back in November e-letter with threats received by several local businesses, a nightclub and several cafés. For all the only requirement is to send the bitcoins to the amount of 50 000 Euro, or expect explosions and gunfire.

Such promises have to be taken seriously, because in the Dutch capital in the event of an armed attack, businesses need to be closed for quite a long time. However, none of the company, the ransom was never paid.

In Ukraine, the Blackmailers went even further — they demanded $ 350,000 in BTC, threatening to kill children. However a letter sent to the criminals for some reason in the anti-terrorist center of the SBU. But anyway, the “budget” bitcoins they do not Shine. Militiamen found out that the names of children who are “facing death” published on the official website in the section “lost children”. The terrorists failed and forgot about the human factor — the site is updated rarely and the majority of children have been found.

Where’s the money, Lebowski?

Extortion is not only virtual. At least this convinced the new Yorker allowed himself friends home after a party. A group of young people decided to take a moment and find out a drunk friend data in his cryptocurrency accounts. However, the latter was not so drunk and to get information they had through torture: they put his head in the bath water, beaten in the stomach with a foot and splashed him with hot wax. Two hours later, the criminals left the apartment, taking a laptop, a mobile phone and a flash drive. Now in March 2019 they will be tried.

However, the most popular in recent years the abduction. One of the last episodes happened in Kiev, where criminals for ransom stole cryptocurrency miner.

Catch him under the house and throwing a bag over his head, the man was bundled into a car and taken out of town. Under threat of death, he had to give the keys to the apartment and tell you where to find savings. In the end, became their production of 50 000 dollars, however briefly. Soon militiamen detained criminals, whom were brothers. They are charged with robbery.

But it is not always the cryptocurrency crimes end with a happy end. In Norway, the sale of tokens ended for 24-year-old resident wealthy area of Oslo fatal. Police found the dead body in his apartment. It turned out that shortly before his death, the man had just bought bitcoins. That it trades the cryptocurrency knew many of his friends, which complicates the search for the perpetrator. As suspected the police yet.


As you can see, money has always attracted criminals and cryptocurrency is no exception. Let them and you can’t touch, but you can lure, steal or take away. And to be safe, it is best not to put your finances on display.

“As for me, money loves silence and have less to flaunt their wealth in the network”, — said COO 10Guards Vitaly Yakushev.

The expert advises not to show off their wealth on social networks and use different emails for business and personal data.

“But the universal Council,” — he concluded, advising them to rely simply on common sense.

But if you are the victim of Blackmailers – don’t rush to give them all your bitcoins. Maybe you just cheat and let them better understand law enforcement.

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