Cryptocurrency millionaire lost $35 million in bitcoin, investing in DragonCoin

Cryptocurrency millionaire lost $35 million in bitcoin, investing in DragonCoin

Upset, looking at your crypto portfolio? It is nothing compared to a story that happened to one Finnish investor who lost 5 500 bitcoins ($ 35 million), having fallen for a Scam.

Edition the Bangkok Post reports that the businessman Arni the Aftermath of Saaremaa asked the group of people that advised him to invest in some hot projects: to buy shares in multiple companies and invest in a cryptocurrency called Dragon Coin.

Allegedly, the gang convinced Saarimaa that “Coin dragon” is accepted at casinos as a legitimate payment method. Investor even called for the institution in Macau to verify the veracity of the claimed.

Looks like that trip was enough to leave 5 564 bitcoin and it was over $ 35 million. Suspicion arose only after Saaremaa did not see the promised revenues, and all the bitcoins were immediately sold and distributed among the gang.

The police for six months led the investigation, the final of which was the arrest of fraudsters. In the course of this case was arrested Geratest “Boom” Arabica Thai movie star. The police claim that his brother and sister were also involved in the fraud, but the brothers had managed to escape from the country in the United States. The police Department of Thailand for the suppression of crime (CSD) is already establishing contacts with the American authorities.

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