Cryptocurrency microtransactions in social networks: Tron vs Ripple

Cryptocurrency microtransactions in social networks: Tron vs Ripple

Community Tron and Ripple are two of the most active cryptocurrency communities. It is therefore not surprising that members of these communities are constantly looking for new innovative ways to use cryptocurrency.

One of these methods are micro-transactions via social networks in the respective cryptocurrency. Both projects: Tron Ripple and acquired similar services. And despite the fact that such a service for Ripple appeared in January, and for Tron in August of this year, the number sent thus TRX is already significantly exceeded the number of XRP.

The implementation of such payments to network Tron deals platform called Seedit. This platform not only allows anyone with a Twitter account to send and receive funds in TRX. The platform also works the same way with a Telegram. Shortly after launch the platform community of Tron had a campaign called #OperationTronStorm, in which famous people around the world, including for example the Pope received a small amount in TRX.

Since August, the number of TRX sent in this manner amounted to about 18.5 million TRX, which is about 360,000 U.S. dollars.

Meanwhile, a similar service that works with XRP supports Twitter, Reddit and Discord.

Unlike Seedit using XRP Tip Bot you can translate a maximum of 5 XRP at a time. All, with the help of this service since the launch in late January, there were over 67.343 XRP worth more than 18.700 USD.

Obviously, the translation service XRP is less popular, though, and appeared before his competitor. Possible due to the fact that investors TRX are more coordinated.

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