Cryptocurrency Kodak is already on sale

Cryptocurrency Kodak is already on sale

The company, which received the right to use the name of the cryptocurrency, the word “Kodak” had already begun pre-sales of tokens before the start of the ICO.

Based in Vancouver Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. announced today that it is investing in KodakCoin $ 2 million, a joint project of Kodak Digital WENN. WENN Digital, which develops a platform for digital rights management products, which was published yesterday, manages the sale of tokens.

The company signed a contract for the purchase of all 8 million coins Kodak, which was available on the pre-sales phase I. Phase II started January 10. The coins are offered WENN Digital in accordance with a license obtained from Eastman Kodak.

Kodak said yesterday that the public sale of the cryptocurrency which will be open to accredited investors (including US), will start on January 31.

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Recently Kodak often appears in news headlines, especially after the company together with the WENN Digital has introduced the “Kodak KashMiner” at a trade show CES in Las Vegas.

Many believe that the company simply wants to use the hype around new technologies and thus to increase its capitalization.

However, the price of Kodak stock continues to grow, last week the price was 3 dollars, and is now already exceeded $ 11.

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