Cryptocurrency investors has forced the Pentagon to think about the security

Cryptocurrency investors has forced the Pentagon to think about the security

The U.S. Department of defense was puzzled by a new question — are employees who own cryptocurrency, a threat to national security?

Despite the fact that the owners of Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies openly against criminal acts, government agencies, the majority continue to put them in a row along with coins associated c shadow business.

The U.S. Department of defense’s dilemma in the hiring of technical experts: what to do with people who invest and trade cryptocurrencies. To examine whether the presence of cryptocurrencies applicant as an unwanted factor or as a personal investment decision?

“The cryptocurrency has many positive qualities, but at the same time they pose a security threat. Think about the knife: it can be used for good purposes, but they can also cause irreparable damage,” — said in a conversation with Bloomberg Param VIR Singh, Director, PNC Center for innovation in financial services at the University of Carnegie Mellon.

Currently, the Ministry of defence of the USA has less than half a million employees. Chances are that some of them, in one way or another, connected with Bitcoin, Ether, Monero, etc.

The defense Ministry suggests that some employee may engage in illegal activities under the cloak of anonymity of digital currencies. One example can be selling state secrets in exchange for Monero, which effectively hides the identity of criminals and hampers investigation.

The problem is compounded by scale. About four million people in the U.S. currently devoted to the state secrets that must not fall into the hands of enemy States.

Hence the need to develop a comprehensive approach for the selection of public servants. Any additional item such studies could help the Pentagon in this matter.

“If we consider Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency the reason for doubt when conducting the safety checks, you know what happens?” explains the retired General, U.S. air force Greg Townhill, the former first Federal head of information security. “These people will not wait until they are invited into the public service. I believe that with it, the backlog will only increase”

Bitcoin is not “evil and scary gray wolf” as he is often seen controllers. Even the Executive Director of Europol has confirmed that criminals abandon it in favor of other coins that are more difficult to track.

Despite the fact that the interests of each country to ensure a thorough check of persons with access to public Affairs, there is little evidence that the owners of the cryptocurrency are more likely to endanger their own state.

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