Cryptocurrency investor Ian balina hacked himself for $ 2 million

Cryptocurrency investor Ian balina hacked himself for $ 2 million

Reportedly, Ian Balina, cryptocurrency investor, and Advisor, April 15, was stolen over 2 million dollars. The theft occurred during a live broadcast of the blogger on the YouTube channel.

Live in which popular investor has reviewed the ICO, was suddenly interrupted. It is assumed that at that moment there was a break-in.

After a short period of time Balin posted a message on his Twitter account in which he admitted that during the broadcast on YouTube the unknown stole his $2 000 000.

My crypto family! Now I need you more than ever. I was forced to cut short his live because he was robbed. I’m not worried about the stolen money. I learned my lesson. I just want to catch hackers. If you have any information, please drop me a mail [email protected] Thank you all for your support.

Following this call to the crypto community was followed by a second tweet that was immediately deleted. It said that the missing coins are going to sell on a cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin:

“A hacker stole my money and is going to sell to @kucoincom. Please help to contact them.”

Skorospeshnymi delete the second tweet alerted users of Twitter and Reddit, interested announced the hacking. Many users on both platforms suggest that the report Baliny about hacking — calculated move to avoid paying taxes to the IRS.

WhalePanda was one of the first who pointed out the ironic choice of phrase for promotion on YouTube — “Hacking the system”. What it is: a coincidence or an incredibly sarcastic sense of humor?

A Reddit user under the nickname shanecorry commented on a tweet about Balini KuCoin, noting that the publication was made BEFORE the advent of the stolen coins on the exchange:

“Really strange that at the time of publishing the tweet no funds were moved in KuCoin of purses, identified as a hacker. However, within a few minutes after this tweet was posted / deleted a portion of the funds were moved to the purse KuCoin.”

“I was sure that he is a fool who keeps millions of dollars in bitcoin is so insecure. But the incident points to the quirky behavior, the purpose of which is to evade payment of taxes.”

Ian balina did not comment on assumptions about its possible cunning plan against the tax system of the United States.

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