Cryptocurrency hedge Fund Tetras Capital recommends buying Bitcoin and Ethereum to merge

Cryptocurrency hedge Fund Tetras Capital recommends buying Bitcoin and Ethereum to merge

Recently the cryptocurrency hedge Fund Tetras Capital understates the importance of Ethereum, while praising the Bitcoin. According to experts of the leading cryptocurrencies in the world a lot more growth potential than the “silver medalist” of the market.

By the way, this statement seems to have had a strong influence on the course of the cryptocurrency. ETH is clearly lost popularity with buyers, while Bitcoin shows significant improvement.

As a rule, the position of one investment Fund is not enough to affect the market’s opinion about a particular digital asset. However, it is proved that the bearish calls often attract the attention of some traders. As with other events in the sector, negative positions are likely to have a ripple effect on the water and will eventually lower the price on certain digital currency. It seems that this was achieved in Tetras Capital, when he published a detailed report, which is classified as Ethereum coin without a promising future.

In a detailed blog post, which mentioned a report that Tetras Capital said the reason for the refusal of the second largest cryptocurrency. The result Ethereum has significantly reduced the cost. To report 1 ETH was equivalent BTC 0,072, but after the publication — down to 0,068.

According to the report Tetras Capital, the popularity of Ethereum in a downward spiral. Predshestvuyuschih the success of the coin was caused by a combination of irrational and excessive zeal on the part of investors. In addition, the current value of ETH is not justified in the first place because the infrastructure and technology of blockchain Ethereum do not meet the required specifications.

Recently, the Ethereum network is mired in issues, the most important among them is the spam in the network that has brought losses in the amount of $ 15 million.

Tetras Capital noted that the coming months will be very difficult for Ethereum. The platform is under load due to the use of decentralized applications, will have to compete with alternative platforms. Based on all of the above reasons, the cryptocurrency hedge Fund Capital Tetras decided to sell their existing Ethereum.

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