Cryptocurrency company tried to blow up. The man was angry because of a forgotten password

Cryptocurrency company tried to blow up. The man was angry because of a forgotten password

A Swedish citizen was convicted of attempted murder because he sent a mail bomb in the London Bitcoin company Cryptopay.

According to the materials of the case, the angry 43-year-old Germo Michael Salonen sent dangerous packages after the company refused to change its password. Back in August of last year he wrote letters to them with a request to reset login data, but was refused as it would violate the privacy policy. Local police said that the bomb was real.

Great luck that the bomb did not explode

It is not clear when it sent the bomb, but the accounting office, The Accountancy Cloud, which served Cryptopay, received the parcel somewhere in November last year. The office has already begun to open the envelope, but stopped in time, suspecting something was wrong.

The head of Department on fight against terrorism the Metropolitan police commander Clark Jarrett said that the explosion did not happen only due to the fact how the employee opened the envelope.

He tore the envelope in the center, and not turned the valve that would activate the explosive device.

The police have extracted the DNA of the bomber, but it was not. The case was referred to Interpol, where the data and brought experts on Swedish citizens. In the house Salonen in Gullspang searched and found various bomb components. In may Salonen was arrested, he was sentenced to 6 years in prison. By this time added another 6 months for threatening the lives of several Swedish politicians and celebrities. In addition, Salonen appointed another hearing on the drug case.

The incident occurred a week after an Indian teenager threatened to blow up Miami international airport. How to write CCN, he was upset that the FBI doesn’t want to help him get bitcoins at $ 1000, which was stolen by a scammer from the USA.

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