Cryptocurrencies that should be called differently

Cryptocurrencies that should be called differently

Someone calls them a cryptocurrency, someone Althingi or violas. But for most they are known as shidoni (shitcoins th*Nocona).

Cryptocurrencies, like and similar to bitcoin, that’s just so very nasty. Sure, they can boast faster transactions and lower rates, but they lack brand recognition, network effects and worthy of the name.

What’s in a name?

Some of them were created as a joke; others have become a laughing stock; and some were originally “cursed” a bad name. The most famous of them Scamcoin with its “innovative proof system of fraud” and AssPennies: “created in 2014, this token became a leader in the wave of insanity to shitkino”.

A few “masterpieces”, which failed to earn the love of the public: Fck Banks, Fellatiocoin, Groincoin and Crimsoncoin, whose developers “sold your coins and made off in less than a week” ( translation in order: a token fucking banks, token fellatio, inguinal token and scarlet coin ). Try to guess what happened DodoCoin ( token fools ). If you think that is the limit which it is capable of unscrupulous creators of the cryptocurrency, you are wrong. “Best” is found.

In a culvert lying on the moon you see

Among the dregs of the crypto world you will meet AllAgesCoin, Alcohoin, Allahcoin, BlobbyCoin, Boringcoin, Crapcoin, CryptoMeth, Dubstepcoin, DeleteCoin, FAILCoin ( this token even got on Coinmarketcap), FraudCoin, Furrycoin, KarpelesCoin, MtGoxcoin, Klingon Empire Darsek and Brokebackmountaincoin. Approximate translation : the coin at all times, Allcoin, Allantoin, tedious token, token trash, cryptome, token dubstep, the botched coin, token, scams, hairy coin, token Karpeles, MtGox token, Darek Klimoski Empire and token Brokeback mountain .

But even if we leave late tokens with the world today what else is spinning on the cryptocurrency market due does not inspire optimism.

For example, Unobtanium Condensate (its Ticker – RAIN), FootyCash, SiberianChervonets Athenian Warrior Token, GayCoin, StopTrumpCoin, WeAreSatoshi, FuzzBalls, HodlBucks (okay, this is really cool), and Cthulu Offerings. The translation ready? Let’s go : murky cash, Siberian Chevrolet, tokens, Athenian warrior, token gay, the coin is “stop trump” we the Satoshi, I hairy bitches , hodl bucks and proposals of Cthulhu. Another well-known story of how North coastal British city decided to launch their own coin social responsibility. Called her the name of the city? Yes, HullCoin. Imagine that the name of your city and the social token literally means “the bottom”.

We urge you not to buy sidoine. Their client is a malicious program ; they contain keyloggers.

Every minute there is a new shidoin

The content of this post may seem frivolous, but still, there is something to ponder. Give Satoshi his creation of one of the above-mentioned names (or similar), would he have a chance to exceed $9,000? Hardly! A brilliant mind, Satoshi had to bring it Bitcoin!

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