Crypto “currency”? Only 10% of the Cash Bitcoin is used as currency

Crypto “currency”? Only 10% of the Cash Bitcoin is used as currency

According to the latest analysis Chainalysis 90 percent of the Bitcoin Cash actually is an investment and never changed owners.

The results of the study Bitcoin Cash in stark contrast with the situation in the Bitcoin market, where the ratio of the money supply in circulation and the investment is about 50/50 .

It seems that the number of users of bitcoin cash who use this cryptocurrency as means of payment is far less than among Bitcoin users.

1.5 million cash bitcoin is used for speculation and transactions. As for bitcoin, which are used for these purposes, their number is about 7.3 million… the Ratio of transactional money supply to the investment in bitcoin is 1:1, and in the case of bitcoin cash, the ratio is 1:10.

Bitcoin Cash traditionally positions itself as an “alternative” to Bitcoin, which gives users the ability to make cheaper and faster transaction. However, new research makes these statements is completely untenable.

This contradiction immediately became a subject of discussion in social networks. For example, at the call of one of the most prominent supporters of bitcoin cash, Roger the Faith to come to an event in Seoul dedicated to the use of cryptocurrency as a means of payment, the research firm BitMEX replied with a tweet with a link to the study Chainalysis and a hint of that Bitcoin Cash is far from becoming a real currency.

Chainalysis notes that the number of Bitcoin Cash is used for transactions actually decreased after the fork “, from 15% in November 2017 up to 7% in April 2018,” while the number of bitcoins, which is owned by individuals for speculative or transactional purposes has increased:

This is probably due to the fact that bitcoin cash appears in an increasing number of exchanges that allows people to sell their assets in the currency. As a result, these funds were in the hands of investors and not people who intend to use them for calculations or speculations.

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