Crypto All Stars – new competitor cryptococcal

Crypto All Stars – new competitor cryptococcal

It seems we are at the beginning of this boom in card games on the blockchain. According to some estimates, the turnover of games on the basis of ethereum is $ 10 million a day.

Although the vast majority of these games are similar to each other, this does not mean that they are uninteresting. Rising competitor Crypto Kitties, games that have fallen off the ethereum network, is Crypto All Stars, which hopes to beat the record of “lion”.

Crypto All Stars is a project of Crypto trader Randy Marsh (whose card also is in the game). In addition to the founder of the games have cards almost all the celebrities of the world the blockchain, which show at least some activity on Twitter: Crypto Cobain, Bitfinexed, Ari Paul and others. Many of them do not want their card went to no one, so do redeem them, and do it several times.

To start playing you need a little ethereum, install an extension for Chrome MetaMask purse and all. After this visit – choose the “star” and buy it. Immediately after that, the card with the star again goes on sale, but at a price higher than that at which you bought.

A wide variety of prices. For example, card Charlie is about 28 ETH (almost 25,000 U.S. dollars). The idea of playing on the vanity of traders and other famous people from the world of cryptocurrency, seems to have been successful.

Today, there are already a few games on the blockchain for every taste and purse: The Crypto Dog, Ether Tulips, Kitties Crypto, Crypto Titties, Tron Dogs. But they are not static, but evolving, for example, Ether Tulips are going to start fights between players, and will soon launch the first strategy game on the blockchain MMO Neon District.

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