Croatia Opened the first shop, where to buy cryptocurrency for cash

Croatia Opened the first shop, where to buy cryptocurrency for cash

“Bitcoin store” opened its doors in Croatia. In the sale there is not only Bitcoin, but other cryptocurrencies. The store was a welcome addition to the ever-growing cryptocurrency sector in this Balkan country.

The team behind the project plans to open such stores in all the major cities of Croatia and other countries in the region.

Bitcoin shop is located on Hrvatske Mornarice in the Croatian city of Split, a famous tourist destination on the Adriatic coast and now offers direct sale of bitcoins, esters and other altcoins. The margin is about 5 percent of the average price on Coinmarketcap. Clients are issued a receipt for the purchase, which may be necessary in the preparation of tax returns.

This Bitcoin shop, perhaps the first of its kind in the Balkans. Bitkonan, Croatian cryptocurrency exchanger, the organizer of this project, plans to offer similar over-the-counter solutions for residents and visitors other major cities from Zagreb and Rijeka. His team also hopes to expand its activities in the region, but it all depends on the demand for this service in neighbouring countries.

Cryptocurrency sector in Croatia, including cryptocurrency trading, is developing rapidly. The project Coinvendor already handles the direct purchase of digital coins through Bank transfers, and these services are available worldwide. Bitcoin shop in split expands the horizons of offering cryptocurrencies for cash.

Over the past few years, interest in the crypto currency, as Blockchain technology, Horatiusaquilla increased. The local community has expanded to include many cryptocurrency startups and companies that accept cryptocurrency payments. A bitcoin ATM was installed in all major Croatian cities, including the capital Zagreb, the second largest city of Split and Rijeka and Pula.

That is why the Croatian government must adequately respond to the cryptocurrency boom, and make a long-awaited comprehensive regulatory framework. Croatian national Bank (HNB) has taken a conservative position. Last year in a statement, the Bank said that cryptocurrency transactions are not legal means of payment in accordance with the legislation of the country. The Central Bank also noted that they cannot be considered electronic money.

At the beginning of this year, blockchain, the company and crypto-enthusiasts Croatia declared their intentions “to help the authorities make informed decisions” concerning the sector of cryptocurrency. The local community founded the organization called Udruga za Blockchain i Kriptovalute (UBIK), or the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association. Its main task is to focus on the adoption of meaningful regulations. UBIK has already stated its readiness to advise the authorities on all matters related to cryptocurrency. It also provides legal, financial and technical support to its members.

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