Critics again contend: mining prevents them to detect extraterrestrial civilizations

Critics again contend: mining prevents them to detect extraterrestrial civilizations

After such a difficult time for all cryptocurrencies January, when the loss of some of the coins exceeded half the cost, today’s figures are just the balm for the soul!

Dissolve their peacock tails critics had to shut up and finally admit that cryptocurrency is here and they have not gone anywhere. To do so would be wise, but for someone — not interested. Possible to somehow include, or not to surrender their positions it is difficult to tell the exact cause, but critics have put forward a new claim. Now it is not in a bubble, and the aliens — if not mining, just have found them! As we know, critics, we are serious people, they can not just to make a statement, without giving reasons! Want to learn more? We will tell you.

Complaints were received from the Institute searches for extraterrestrial intelligence (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute SETI), supposedly impossible to acquire the necessary resources for research — all that was so graciously provided to the world market, sold out the miners. Not a single chip left! And the aliens may already be here somewhere…

“We would like to use the latest GPUs, but are unable to buy them, — told the BBC researcher SETI Werthimer Dan (Dan Werthimer). — This problem occurred only with the orders that we tried to do in the last 10 weeks.”

Although Bitcoin and other coins that are working on compatible with ASIC AMI hashing algorithms, and especially not kaminishi now with graphics cards, many networks, primarily Ethereum remain resistant to ASIC-am, making mining still profitable.

As we already repeatedly reported, the demand for graphics cards has increased dramatically, especially after the rise in prices of cryptocurrencies and the recent market correction did not reduced. As a result, the shortage of GPU caused the anger of gamers, and now the seekers of alien life.

SETI and other observatories depend on graphics processors, they need to scan data arrays listening while trying to intercept extraterrestrial communications.

“In SETI, we need to see as many frequency channels, because we don’t know what frequency the signal will be transmitted and what type of signal they use to communicate,” explained Dr. Werthimer, who is the chief scientist of the research center Berkeley SETI.

Recently, however, scientists were forced to pay fairly when buying new chips if they have them at all.

“This situation ties our hands. How do we answer the questions ” are we Alone in the universe? Is there anybody out there? “- complained to Wertimer.

Of course, the demand for graphics cards is likely to decrease as Bitmain and other manufacturers of equipment for mining will develop an ASIC and for a larger number of hash algorithms Proof-of-Work (PoW).

So far, however, it seems that the search for extraterrestrial intelligence has reached an impasse.

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