Created games computer, allowing mine cryptocurrency

Created games computer, allowing mine cryptocurrency

Company Crypto technology presented a gaming computer with the regime of mining – Cashbox X-Gaming.

According to information provided by the developer, Cashbox X-Gaming is a hybrid of a powerful gaming computer and devices for cryptocurrency mining. The base model includes the Intel i5/i7, two Nvidia GTX 1060/1070/1080 Ti, RAM DDR 4 (16-64 GB), a quality sound system 7.1.

Her Hasrat reaches 106 MH/S. Protection against heat provide 3 120mm on the cooler, the cooling capacity is calculated with a margin. The base model of 51.5 thousand UAH, equipment with more powerful processors and graphics cards will cost more. Hardware warranty is 3 years.

The free games time Cashbox X-Gaming mines cryptocurrency. Software is configured and ready to work. To switch between working/gaming mode and mining mode you need to restart the device and choose a game or mining. The access to your personal account on the user’s choice is protected by a pair username/password or two-factor authentication. The company provides free training of mining and support around the clock.

Due to the fact that Cashbox X-Gaming is a GPU miner, you can mine altcoins (all cryptocurrency except for Bitcoin), specified in the Crypto Technology.

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