Craig Wright, Rwanda: “I am richer than your whole country!”

Craig Wright, Rwanda: “I am richer than your whole country!”

The self-proclaimed Creator of Bitcoin, Craig Wright, said at a conference in Rwanda, “he has more money than the whole country.”

Speaking at the Transform Africa summit in 2018 in the capital, Kigali, Wright enthusiastically told about their abilities to change Africa, using the technology of the Blockchain.

Passionate speeches were part of the presentation entitled “Bitcoin Cash: bitcoin and the blockchain for Africa”.

Wright,as you know, more than once aroused the anger of the crypto community that promoted the superiority of Aldona Bitcoin Cash over Bitcoin, as well as his statements that he is Satoshi Nakamoto.

In Kigali Australian businessman, it seems, continued this tradition:

“The fact that you can begin to allow free trade, you can let your country become stronger, or you can wait and give the money to outside people. And I say this frankly because I have more money than your entire country.”

Noticing that his speech does not impress the audience, Wright tried to persuade the audience to his side by the gift of Providence:

“I’m here to stay, I’ll be here in twenty, thirty years, and in the end — I don’t care what you think — I have solutions that you will use”

Comments on social networks regarding the identity of Wright is not subside with time as analyst Dennis Parker called Craig in his Twitter account “a fraud, a psychopath and a fake Satoshi”.

In April, the co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin publicly humiliated Wright in another, openly calling him a “crook” and asking “why he even was allowed to speak” at the event.

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