Craig Wright has a reward of$ 5,000 a head Hodler: Community announced Factory war

Craig Wright has a reward of$ 5,000 a head Hodler: Community announced Factory war

Craig Wright (Craig Wright), known in cryptosuite his claims that he is the Creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto, and unfathomable love for litigation, he found a new victim. The wrath of Dr. Wright struck a popular Twitter user with the nickname Hodlonaut.

Wright’s lawyers made a lawsuit claiming that Craig Wright has enough grounds to talk about “targeted campaign” spreading slanderous information about him. However, the account Hodlonaut, who called Craig Wright’s “sad and pathetic scammer” and “mentally ill” and came up with offensive tag #CraigWrightIsAFraud (Craig Wright a crook), already deleted all the tweets and was deactivated.

Attorney Wright said that his client is the real Creator of Bitcoin:

“[Craig Wright] was not deceived, claiming that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. He is Satoshi Nakamoto”.

In this connection a Wright requires to Hodlonaut “apologized on Twitter and made a public statement in court, apologized to Wright and acknowledging your comments slander”. Since the account has been removed and nobody knows now where to look for user Hodlonaut, Craig Wright has a reward of 5000$ in tokens BSV for the information about the offender. The reward will be paid to anyone who can reveal the true identity of the Hodler.

Even more surprising was that one of the fans of Wright (@NicoThomas_), they found a man who allegedly posted tweets on behalf Hodlonaut, and posted on Twitter his personal data including home address. Directly after this Hodlonaut your account deleted.

The cryptocurrency community immediately came to the defense of the brave accuser of pseudo-Satoshi and now many people claim that they are the same Hodlonaut insulted Craig Wright. Some even change their IDs on Twitter and use the alias Hodlonaut and avatar, depicting a cat in a spacesuit. These actions further complicate the finding of the user.

And although the war between the Wright and Hodlonaut may seem insignificant, it has a huge impact on all cryptologist, as well as those who are only going to be part of it. After all, the feud has reached a new level — now for “insulting” Craig Wright could face actual physical violence and prosecution.

Most involved or looking to invest in cryptocurrencies, most likely, will not want to have anything to do with this story. As proponents of BSV participate in the impromptu hunting people, it may discourage potential investors and talented developers from such a toxic community. Thus, an inordinate love of Craig Wright to lawsuits and high-profile conviction of offenders may have a negative impact on the prevalence of Bitcoin SV.

CEO Binance not assessed the situation and made a delisting SV Bitcoin with platform. In addition, confirmed that Craig is not Satoshi. Support Hodler expressed and the Creator of Tron Justin San.

Let’s hope Craig Wright will come around, and it will not come up until trial. Or something worse.

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