Course Stellar reaches six-week high thanks to marijuana

Course Stellar reaches six-week high thanks to marijuana

Cryptocurrency Stellar (XLM) on April 17, reached a six-week high, with the result that its total market capitalization amounted to 5.9 billion dollars. Despite the fact that the apparent catalyst for the rally was not excitement concerning the upcoming ICO associated with cannabis, a partner of which was Stellar, contributed to the increase in the value of the token.

On Tuesday, the XLM value peaked at $ 0,32, adding 24 hours in price by almost 12%.

Offering advantages over many other Althingi, Stellar has loudly declared itself in the cryptocurrency market. The coin remains the eighth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, and 16th largest by trading volume.

Stellar has a unique functionality, therefore, is popular as a platform ICO. The last partner was Stellar canadian producer of marijuana Nezly. On Friday, after a six-week pre-sales, the company will launch its own token on the blockchain Stellar. Nezly chose Stellar to “increase the cryptographic security, speed and reliability of intelligence”.

Nezly set hardcap of 36.5 million US dollars, while available for purchase 120 million tokens. Accepts payment in Bitcoin, Ethereum and US dollars.

First ICO, which started on the platform Stellar, was Smartlands. Startup was able to raise 1.75 million dollars.

Stellar is one of the few blockchains that can compete with Ethereum for dominance in the field of ICO. When it comes to ICO, Stellar has several unique advantages, including decentralized exchange built directly into the platform. This simplifies the manufacturing of new tokens without the need for inclusion in the listings of major exchanges.

Stellar also has customizable features that can appeal to many market segments ICO. At the same time, the platform deliberately limits the functionality that allows attackers to fool users.

Ahead Stellar a lot of work to eventually outperform Ethereum as a platform for the ICO, but, as already stated, has Stellar functionality, able to make her a favorite among designers who want to start a new token.

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