Consensus 2018 kicks off in new York. Online stream

Consensus 2018 kicks off in new York. Online stream

After a few minutes starts the largest cryptocurrency conference, which, according to the organizers, intend to visit more than 7,000 people, including 250 speakers (including Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee and the founder of Stellar jed McCaleb), representatives of governments and regulatory agencies cryptocurrency enthusiasts, councillors, the press and all those interested. The main topics to be discussed: regulation of cryptocurrencies, the effect of SEC on the industry, the latest changes in the markets and new decentralized solutions for the financial sector.

The conference is held in 4 times, and as shown by past experience, the cost of Bitcoin at the time of the event has always increased.

Consensus 2018 organizes CoinDesk, and as we already know, this was the reason for the refusal Vitalik Buterin and the project team OmiseGo to attend the event. Indignation was aroused by the publication on the website CoinDesk, dated 26 April, which was published a controversial report about the surge in prices OmiseGo.

Buterin believes that CoinDesk is trying to “catch a person on the hook.” He pointed out a fun fact — if during the interview casually mention and ask the journalist to include a proviso in the material, it will become a key basis of the article in the end. Also the founder of Ethereum was not to the liking of the ticket price to the conference, which is 2-3 thousand dollars.

The event is held for the fourth year in a row, and the last time the number of visitors has doubled, Bitcoin exchange rate rose by 69% during the conference, and by 138% in the next two months. That is if this year will surpass the previous, the Bitcoin can go above $ 15,000.

In other years the price of bitcoin also grew in late may. In 2014, from 19 to 27 the number, it increased from $446 to $588, and on June 3 the coin has risen to $667. In 2016 the cost of the first cryptocurrency in less than a month have risen almost on 70%. May 26, it was $453, and on June 18, exceeded $774.

Consensus 2018 online

Observe what is happening at the conference live:

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