Computers Russian Transneft secretly mainile Monero

Computers Russian Transneft secretly mainile Monero

On some computer systems the world’s largest oil pipeline operator had detected malware in the background engaged in the mining of cryptocurrencies.

Russian pipeline giant Transneft, according to Reuters, recently cleared your computer system from malware that secretly maynila monero. It’s unclear how many computers were infected, Reuters quoted a senior representative of “Transneft”, which referred to several “incidents”, in which was discovered the malware. Executive Director of the company “Transneft” Vladimir Rushaylo commented on the situation:

We have found that in some cases, the equipment of the company used for the production of cryptocurrencies, and this can have a negative impact on the performance of our operating capacity.

Transneft announced that it started developing a new cybersecurity system to prevent the uploading of such malware on their computer systems in the future.

Pipeline company is one of the largest firms to date, which has become the victim of a secret mining.

In recent months, several prominent web sites, including a platform with pay per view Ultimate Fighting Challenge and Showtime, also have become victims of covert mining.

According to one report on the state of cyber security published in October, software CoinHive monero mining was sixth in popularity with malware.

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