Compose songs about bitcoin: in Japan, there is the pop group “Virtual Currency Girls”

Compose songs about bitcoin: in Japan, there is the pop group “Virtual Currency Girls”

The popularity of cryptocurrencies in the country of the rising sun is rapidly gaining momentum. In Japan, there is the popular music group “Virtual Currency Girls”.

“Virtual Currency Girls” already got their admirers and fans. Pop group of eight participants. Previously, the band performed under the name “Tsuka Kaso Shojo”. Each performer takes on the identity of several popular cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and Ethereum.

According to the head of the group, 19-year-old Rory Naruse, the pop group hopes to shed light on the world of cryptocurrency.

In an interview with the newspaper Japan Today Naruse spoke about the purpose of the command:

“The group is not aimed at propaganda and promoting speculation or investment. Of the many existing virtual currencies we have selected a few that undoubtedly will exist in the future. We aim to increase the understanding of the cryptocurrency community with entertainment.”

Japan has become a country where the authorities loyal attitude to the introduction of cryptocurrencies and created for them a thriving atmosphere. Eastern neighbours South Korea and China have strict rules that attempted to abolish the cryptocurrency movement, which, on the contrary, is gaining strength in the country of the rising sun.

The Japanese are open to innovation and easily accept change, even in the form of virtual currency. So, after “Virtual Currency Girls” Japanese “J-Pop” also hopes to acquaint people closer with the virtual currency. “J-Pop” was at the peak of popularity still 1990s. Like and now, thanks to the cryptocurrency team will be able to assert themselves and to return to show business.

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