Complete failure: buscon Olga Buzova has collected less than 0.1% of the amount claimed in 210 million dollars

Complete failure: buscon Olga Buzova has collected less than 0.1% of the amount claimed in 210 million dollars

A month ago, the TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova has launched a Pre-ICO your blockchain project Buzar, in which you can pay with bitcoin BuzCoin. Although the platform was announced very loudly, the intermediate result of the sad. Buzar collected less than 0.1% of the amount claimed in 210 million dollars.

The project Buzar, according to the team of Olga Buzova, is a multifunctional platform. Users will be able to shop, communicate, seek employment and make financial transactions. All of this will be available through the cryptocurrency BuzCoin, which is now worth $0,1. Coins can be send to friends, to exchange for money and other cryptocurrencies.

Pre-ICO project will run until may 18, and ICO from 18 June to 16 September. “The most popular person in Runet” (as Olga Buzova are called on the website BuzCoin) expects to collect $210 million, the Problem is that now Buzova failed to obtain less than 0.1% of the desired amount of $193 thousand.

Is there any chance for Russian stars to create a successful cryptobytes? Experts believe that it is difficult to develop in one platform at once: social networking, instant messenger, sharing, app application, activities and music service. And the question is whether these services really are in demand among users.

Buzar functionality already exists in LinkedIn, Facebook, Vkontakte, Tinder. Buzova also wants to create a likeness “July”, Amazon, Amazon, AliExpress. That is, we have a trading platform.

According to blockchain expert Denis Smirnov to create declared, Olga Buzova will require billions of dollars of investment, hundreds of “direct hands” and years of development by leading experts from around the world. As it was with the same Amazon that has grown into a giant. However, the site Buzar team — advisors and the authors site, almost all with no experience in social networks, video sharing, and especially with cryptocurrency.

“Compiled a whitepaper — with lots of water, a team with no competence and even online presence, the lack of any economic model, lists the shortcomings Denis Smirnov. — The remainder is a definite ‘scum’ with a huge marketing budget.”

Other experts are also not confident in the success of BuzCoin and Buzara. Earlier the adviser of the President of Russia on development of Internet German Klimenko wrote in his Telegram channel: “Olga Buzova stated that it will release a cryptocurrency Buzcoin. Take care of yourself and your loved ones in General”.

“ICO BuzCoin, like many other ICO inherent in such quality as the vagueness, says Julia Fin, an expert in the field of crowdfunding and tokenization assets. — What is it? Who’s it for? No team, versed in matters of crypts and the ICO, nor the target audience. If Buzova attracts thousands at concerts, it does not mean that they know something about bitcoin”.

Julia Plavnik believes that ICO BuzCoin — part of the PR strategy, the “original” way to draw attention to the artist.

If you manage to collect all or most of the amount claimed, at the expense of inexperienced investors or directly fans of Olga Buzova. But ultimately the work is crude and unclaimed product.

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