Companies are buying up bitcoin in fear of new attacks

Companies are buying up bitcoin in fear of new attacks

Despite the fact that cyberattack cannot be regarded as a widespread phenomenon, many companies, financial and state institutions suffered from them in 2017.

Rather recently, attackers have begun to use ransomware that encrypts the user’s computer until the victim pays the ransom to unlock their system. Hackers usually require payment in bitcoins because of its pseudo-anonymous nature.

One such virus, called Wannacry, was probably the most common this year. Wannacry was aimed at several government institutions and companies around the world. Some have even suggested that Wannacry was to discredit bitcoin, firmly linking the currency with the criminal action. The biggest target of the virus became a national health service United Kingdom, which earlier this year experienced several such attacks.

Because cyber criminals are brazen enough to behave, it is not surprising that large companies consider it necessary to prepare for future attacks. The American Corporation has for some time buying bitcoin, to be able to quickly pay off an unexpected attack.

The head of cyber security at KPMG Paul Taylor, believes that companies are thus trying to account for the pessimistic scenario:

Companies, of course, accumulate bitcoins to be ready to pay the ransom.

One of the main developers McAfee, Raj Samani, believes that:

Of course neither company has not publicly confirmed this fact. However, this practice is known.

It is easy to understand why hackers want to be paid in bitcoin. This currency is anonymous (although it is not), but, in addition, this year she enjoyed the insane demand. The current record price for a bitcoin is around US $ 20,000.

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