Community NANO and brave Venezuelan helped save people from hunger

Community NANO and brave Venezuelan helped save people from hunger

Venezuelan cryptopy enthusiast bought more than 100 kilos of food for his family and others thanks to the cryptocurrency community, after receiving donations to NANO from Reddit users.

According to the discussions on the forum, which began just over a week ago, a Reddit user under the nickname Windows7733 admitted that a donation in the amount of 0.5 NANO (~ $ 1,32), which he recently received equals monthly salary in Venezuela. Soon after these words, Reddit users literally rained down on the Venezuelan the flow of donations.

Windows7733 posted on the forum the pictures and told that he was able to find merchants that accept the cryptocurrency. As a result, the Venezuelan was able to gain 102 kg of food, spending 29,1 NANO.

“I feel very happy because today I managed to convince someone I trust, to take the NANO (it is already accepted Bitcoin Cash) in exchange for food. He sold me 102 pounds of products, including cornmeal, flour, meat, rice, sugar, beans, sauces and avocados. I expect a response if I can buy dry milk and vegetable oil from the same guy.”

Commenting on reports Windows7733, other Venezuelan users on Reddit said that the situation in the country complicates the use of cryptocurrency, different from Bitcoin, as it is difficult to find someone who is willing to accept the NANO.

Cryptocurrencies helped Venezuelans to survive failures of the government. Index of hyperinflation in the country recently reached a million — one Cup of coffee now costs 1 million Bolivar, for comparison, a year ago the price was 450 Bolivar.

Meanwhile, the Venezuelan government has focused on its protected with oil bitcoin El Petro, ICO, which according to President Nicolas Maduro, gathered $ 5 billion .

The money likely will not be used to help the Venezuelan people, as it was the only way for the government to circumvent international sanctions and get foreign capital.

Recently it was revealed that the Venezuelan government plans to Finance construction of houses for the homeless using El Petro.

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