Cointext launches app that enables Bitcoin transactions are not Cash using the Internet

Cointext launches app that enables Bitcoin transactions are not Cash using the Internet

This week platform text messages Cointext announced the public release of a new functional service that allows anyone with a mobile phone to make transactions with Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in the absence of the Internet.

Cointext uses a Protocol of short text messages (SMS).A beta version of the application available to residents of the United States, Canada, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands and the UK.

On release the application on March 27 announced a leading developer Cointext VIN Armani, who concurrently is also the co-founder and technical Director:

“Cointext — the easiest and most powerful way to make Bitcoin transactions Cash. You do not necessarily understand the cryptocurrency and have a cool gadget. Enough the most simple mobile phone”

About 2 000 people are already using Cointext. To attract new users to the platform promises to credit the $0.50 out of the money collected BCH community, everyone who sends word CASH to the number to gain access to the service.

The team explains that the service Cointext will not hold funds of users, all translations will be implemented in the blockchain Bitcoin Cash. Information about the keys and phone numbers also will not be stored on the developer’s server.The SMS client cannot change the transaction, as well as can not recover the funds if the user loses his phone number. A permanent Commission will be $0.05 BCH for each message sent.

Armani clarifies that Cointext rely on feedback from BCH users experimenting with the platform during the beta testing. Co-founder believes that the app can be used in 54 countries and attract the attention of billions of people.

Curious fact that the developers CoinText decided to work with Cash Bitcoin, not Bitcoin itself. This is an important step in the recognition Aldona. Most developers make their decisions first for Bitcoin and then for all other cryptocurrencies.

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