Coinmint the company plans to launch the world’s largest mining centre

Coinmint the company plans to launch the world’s largest mining centre

American mining company Coinmint confirmed the opening of the world’s largest mining centre, with production capacity of 435 MW, which will be located in the state of new York.

Coinmint invests “up to $ 700 million” into the project by the end of 2019, the company will need to convert smelter Alcoa East Facility, with an area of 1300 acres.

All actions will be conducted in the newly established subsidiary corporations, North Country Data Center, which started this week.

“As long as there is Bitcoin, we expect mining a good profit”, — says technical Director Coinmint.

In 2018 there were enough attempts to use the infrastructure in an area with cheap electricity to create mining-farms.

But many are faced with the local authorities, and plans to reside in neighboring Quebec, a harsh criticism in regards to the effect of mining on the local economy.

“If you want to come here, plug in your servers and start mine Bitcoin, we don’t really care,”— said in March Prime Minister of the region Philippe Kuyar.

For politicians in Massena, the city nearest to the Alcoa plant, the project Coinmint, on the contrary, the benefit for the local labor force because it promises to create an additional 150 jobs.

“The thought of 150 jobs and the reincarnation of the Alcoa East Facility interesting and that’s what we’re here for,” he said in an interview with the mayor Steve O Shaughnessy.

Coinmint has already signed a leasing agreement for 10 years with possibility of extension.

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