CoinMarketCap started to apply a new rating

CoinMarketCap started to apply a new rating

CoinMarketCap (CMC) began to use new evaluation metric Fundamental Crypto Assets Score (FCAS) which provides the company Flipsid supported by Coinbase, and Digital Currency Group.

In addition to the letter rating, the CMC also displays a rating from 0 to 1000 points, where, for example, Ethereum (ETH) is more “healthy” than Bitcoin (BTC), and EOS (EOS) is more “healthy” than ETH.

According to reports on the company’s website, the rating is a powerful comparative measure that can be used to assess the growth prospects and the General condition of the viability of the project. As stated below, FCAS is derived by analyzing three components:

  • User activity, including data of combined measurements of customer behavior in a specific project, consisting of factors affecting the use of project and activity network.
  • The behavior of the developers is an indicator of how actively and effectively the community of developers works with a specific bloccano or project, there are code changes, improvements and community participation.
  • The maturity of the market. This information is composed of various factors, including market risk assessment and the analysis of the stability of the money supply tracked each project. The less stable the money supply and the more it is controlled by several addresses, the worse the rating.

Thus, FCAS intends to complement the ratings of cryptocurrency projects, making competition Weiss Ratings and Chinese CCID.

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