CoinMarketCap started to accept tokens as a Kind of payment for advertising

CoinMarketCap started to accept tokens as a Kind of payment for advertising

CoinMarketCap, a leading website for tracking the cryptocurrency market, has announced that they will accept the token Kind as a form of payment for advertising. At the moment, the website accepts: bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH] and Fiat money.

Since CoinMarketCap is made mostly through advertising, the company is constantly improving its advertising tools. Representatives of the company say they have found a lot of interesting blockchain projects that work in the advertising market.

To the extent that, as we continue to improve our strategy to engage our users by understanding their needs, we found a lot of interesting advertising blockchain projects. We are always exploring their pros and cons and actively observe their development.

CoinMarketCap has closely followed the project Kind of Ads, and believes that the goal of the network Kind to make the Internet a “good” place, consistent with their advertising strategy.

In contrast to existing advertising projects, the network offers the following Kind:

  • Ads Kind are more relevant to users and use such channels as email and push notifications.
  • Users can specify exactly what and how their data will be used, and for the provision of advanced data – they will be rewarded.
  • Publishers can easily sell access to their subscribers.
  • Advertisers can search for publishers based on the quality subscriber base.

CoinMarketCap believes that the project offers a win-win Kind of conditions for advertisers and users from the point of view of cost and availability.

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