CoinMarketCap has released a new version of the mobile application

CoinMarketCap has released a new version of the mobile application

Today, the statistics aggregator of data on CoinMarketCap cryptocurrency has released a new version of its app for iOS and the first application for Android, with additional features of tracking prices and user accounts.

According to information on the website, mobile app to include candlestick charts, historical data for the open-high-low closing for the day and the ability to set alerts on prices of all cryptocurrencies available on CoinMarketCap.

To use the app, users will have to create on CoinMarketCap an account and log in. The application also allows to follow the news from different media, as well as to compare prices for free with other scriptactive.

In August last year, CoinMarketCap has launched a professional paid API designed for developers and funds that tracks the derivative markets on the basis of cryptocurrency with support for futures, options and OTC exchanges.

In March tracker cryptogenic announced the release of two indices Nasdaq Global Index Data Service, Bloomberg Terminal, Thomson Reuters Eikon and Börse Stuttgart.

In addition, this year CoinMarketCap noted that change their listing criteria for cryptocurrencies, based on research data on fraud volumes.

The first iOS app from CoinMarketCap was launched in may last year in honor of the fifth birthday of the site. At that time the site was occupied 175-e a place in the world in attendance, the current rating on April 16, is 482-th place.

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