Coincheck takes away from your listing XMR, DASH, ZEC, REP

Coincheck takes away from your listing XMR, DASH, ZEC, REP

According to reports, Coincheck is going to remove from your listing the most popular anonymous cryptocurrency: monero (XMR), zcash for (ZEC), dash (dash), and the token Augur (REP).

Representatives of the exchange said that:

Cryptocurrencies including XMR, ZEC, DASH and REP, which will be located on the balance sheets at the time of delisting, will be sold, and the owner of the account will be charged in Japanese yen.

The exchange said the customers have received a lot of requests for withdrawal of those currencies with exchange, so that the output can take up to several days.

After January Coincheck would have hacked it continued its work on the rights “recognized dealer” (a special status that is assigned by the Japanese financial services Agency (FSA) and means that the exchange can work to obtain a license). Subsequently, the exchange was acquired by Monex Group.

After the delisting of the above-mentioned crypto-currencies will be available on Coincheck: BTC, ETH, ETC, LSK, FCT, BCH, XRP, LTC and XEM.

CEO: Oki Matsumoto, said that the exchange will receive an official license to operate in Japan next month.

Pressure from Japanese regulator

Local newspaper Nikkei reported earlier this month that the FSA has set new criteria for cryptocurrency exchanges. One of them directly concerns the anonymous cryptocurrencies:

The cryptocurrency, which provide a high level of anonymity should be removed from listing.

At the moment, none of the 16 cryptocurrency exchanges that operate under the license did not include these cryptocurrencies (XMR, ZEC, DASH or REP) in their bids to FSA.

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