Coincheck: NEM Foundation ceased to track the stolen funds

Coincheck: NEM Foundation ceased to track the stolen funds

According to NHK World all coins NEM (XEM) stolen from Japan’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges have been withdrawn from the account hackers.

January 26, hackers stole $ 530 million in cryptocurrency NEM after hacking cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck. As of February 1, NEM Foundation found out that the hackers transferred stolen funds NEM at different addresses, but never managed to find the physical location of hackers.

After a month of the stolen coins were found on the cryptocurrency exchanges in Canada and Japan.

Sunday, March 18, NEM Foundation ceased to track the stolen coins. Experts say that tracking the stolen coins two months after hacking almost impossible. Transaction records show that the account balance, which is believed to exploited by hackers, is equal to zero.

According to the annual report of the national police Agency of Japan, in 2017 was lost due to theft or fraud, more than 6.2 million dollars in various currencies, and that’s not counting the theft of $ 530 million USD, which was the result of a successful attack on Coincheck which, currently, is the largest in the history of cryptocurrency.

We will remind that in the beginning of this month Coincheck has launched the process of refund to affected users.

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