Coincheck has decided to delist three cryptocurrency

Coincheck has decided to delist three cryptocurrency

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck will cease to serve the bidding at three anonymous cryptocurrencies: Monero, Dash and zcash for. The decision was made on the background of the January break-in when it was stolen tokens NEM in the amount of $ 534 million

These crypto-currencies will be bought from customers Coincheck at a fixed price. The exchange is also considering the transfer of tokens with the audited accounts.

Immediately after the theft Tokyo stock exchange stopped trading and withdrawal — like cryptocurrency, and Fiat, and on 12 March announced that re-opens the possibility of withdrawing funds from deposits, as well as bidding on some cryptocurrency. To date Coincheck has already paid about $440 million from its own reserves 260 000 victims.

According to experts on cyber security in the Japan Times, about half of the NEM tokens stolen during the attack, was converted to other cryptocurrencies. The Foundation NEM said that the stolen tokens began to move addresses from different wallets on January 30.

7 Feb hackers began to transfer funds through the website on the darknet. Some of the stolen tokens NEM was soon discovered at cryptocurrency exchange in Canada and the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Zaif.

In April 2017 in Japan began mandatory registration of exchange offices cryptocurrency. Coincheck has filed an application in September, which is still pending. March 8 state of the financial services Agency (FSA) have sent the cryptocurrency exchanges, including Coincheck, a notification of the need to strengthen security measures. The notice also stated that in Coincheck has no mechanisms to prevent money laundering and financing of terrorism.

The Japan Time says the decision about delisting Coincheck Monero, Dash and zcash for, most likely, is the response to the notification of the FSA. The owners mentioned an anonymous cryptocurrency can’t be tracked using a Blockchain, which enables them to use the funds for money laundering.

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