Coincheck buy over the billions of yen

Coincheck buy over the billions of yen

As reported by Nikkei Asian Review, citing unnamed sources, the Japanese company-financial services company Monex has offered to buy a controlling stake cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck. It is expected that this will be a deal worth “billions of yen”.

According to Nikkei, the stock exchange Coincheck, which became the target of major hacker attacks on 26 January, which resulted in the theft of NEM in the amount of about $ 530 million “actively seeking support from a third party.” Since the break the former clients of the exchange have already filed three massive lawsuit against her to recover damages.

Japanese online platform to Monex, currently estimated at 870 million dollars. By utverjdenie anonymous sources it is expected that the deal will amount to several billion yen. Monex also plans to replace the leadership of the future subsidiaries of the company and intends to restore a full range of services we offer Coincakeck.

As the authors notes Nikkei, the news of the takeover Monex led to the fact that the price of bitcoin grew by 5% to 7.355 of the US $ as of 13:52 Japanese time. This suggests that cryptocurrency investors are pleased that the well-established company of financial services will enter into the cryptocurrency market.Investors Monex also, were glad of this news, as the company’s shares on the Tokyo stock exchange rose 23%.

Nikkei claims that the official announcement about the acquisition can be done this week.

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