Coincheck begins to pay compensation to victims of hacker attacks

Coincheck begins to pay compensation to victims of hacker attacks

Japanese exchange Coincheck today begins payments to victims who lost their funds in case of a hacker attack.

The message in his blog of March 12, Coincheck has stated that it will reimburse stolen NEM at the rate 88,549 (in Japanese yen or 0.83 U.S. dollar), as indicated indicated in its original payment plan. Compensation will be given to all customers who have to Deposit the token at the close of operations on January 26.

As we reported earlier, in result of breaking the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange was stolen about NEM tokens in the amount of approximately 523 million dollars. The total amount of compensation the users will reach 420 million U.S. dollars.

In addition, Coincheck also announced today that it re-opens the possibility of withdrawing funds from deposits, and opens the bidding on some cryptocurrencies, including ETH, ETC, XRP, LTC, BTC and BCH. For the resumption of trading in other crypto currency exchange will need more time.

According to the article in Nikkei Asia Review, attack on Coincheck, was premeditated and occurred after hackers managed to penetrate the internal network of the company. Presumably this occurred through sending phishing emails to employees of the company.

Then attackers for several weeks gathering information about users of the exchange before the attack began.

Japanese regulator, the FSA conducted a review of security of the company after the attack and in addition to the fine, ordered her to provide a written plan to improve security before March 22.

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