Coinbase is going to buy bitcoin startup

Coinbase is going to buy bitcoin startup

Coinbase is on the verge of its biggest acquisitions.

According to sources close to the situation, a startup from San Francisco that attracted more than $ 225 million venture capital investment, negotiating the purchase (formerly – is a project that allows its users to earn bitcoin doing simple tasks and answering email. Last autumn, the representatives of the project have also stated that they plan to release their own cryptocurrency.

According to one source the sum of transaction can make about $ 30 million. This figure is quite low considering the fact that the collected more than $ 120 million over several funding rounds since its founding in 2013.

Coinbase is not the only potential buyer. At the moment talks with several possible buyers, each of which is a well known company in its field.

Recall that in early March, Coinbase has hired Emily Choi, the former head of mergers and acquisitions in LinkedIn, as its Vice President, corporate development and business development.

Executive Director Balaji Srinivasan, in the case that the deal is in place, continue to work at Coinbase.

In Coinbase has not commented on this information.

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