Coinbase in a few months will add support for token standard ERC20

Coinbase in a few months will add support for token standard ERC20

Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange from the USA, whose CEO Brian Armstrong is known for his love of Ethereum, confirmed that the following additions exchange will be the tokens ERC20.

Cryptocurrency traders, starving from a lack of positive news over the last few weeks reacted to the statement. Last token, which the exchange has included in the listing was the Bitcoin Cash. To once again to charges of insider trading, creating a pump with the help of news, Coinbase has not announced what altcoins to be added:

“We are pleased to announce our intention to maintain the technical standard Ethereum ERC20 in the coming months. This solution gives the opportunity to maintain assets ERC20 in the future, although at present we do not announce support for any specific assets and functions”

Coinbase likes Ethereum

Love Brian Armstrong to the Ethereum ecosystem, it was noted more than once. Coinbase added the ethereum tokens earlier than, say, a Ripple that pampilla at least twice this year amid false rumors of inclusion in the listing Coinbase.

The publishing center has published an analysis of criteria that, in their opinion, Coinbase uses to determine assets that should be added. Ripple may not be accredited by the exchange because “the share of ownership left by the team, is a minority package”. The same causes may prevent the addition of Stellar, while Dash, in spite of the high liquidity and the existing trading pairs with the Fiat (other requirement Coinbase), it may not be included in the list because of the peculiarities of anonymity.

According to Diar, the most probable is the addition of Augur (REP), as well as 0x draft, at the time received praise from current and former employees Coinbase. Both cryptocurrencies with ERC20-tokens OMG and SNT, soared in price for red market dropped them back to earth.

Standard ERC20 widely used cryptocurrency startups producing your tokens via ICO. That is why before ERC20-tokens will be able to reach GDAX, the company intends to wait for greater clarity in the regulation of cryptocurrencies.

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