Coinbase appoints the Director-General’s former expert on investment from Morgan Stanley

Coinbase appoints the Director-General’s former expert on investment from Morgan Stanley

Coinbase, a leading us cryptocurrency exchange, is making significant progress in Asia by opening a new office in Japan.

This is an important step for the company, which is trying to enter new markets and lay the basis of a number of products for Coinbase cryptocurrency investors Japan.

Guide Coinbase constantly talking about their “big plans” for the coming year, including the completion of registration of exchanges Japanese financial services Agency (FCA).

Nao Kitazawa, a former investment banker from Morgan Stanley, will assume the role of CEO Coinbase Japan. In connection with the extension, he will be requested to approve the position of Coinbase in the role of a safe harbour in a troubled sea of cryptocurrencies.

Nao Kitazawa (left) and CEO of Coinbase Brian Armstrong

As head of the new branch, Mr. Kitazawa will also monitor compliance with the rules of regulators.

The company, based in San Francisco, has become the home for major cryptocurrency investors because it has never been hacked, unlike many of its competitors.

When it comes to regulatory aspect, Japan stands out among other Asian countries, especially after several China and India have made almost impossible the existence of cryptocurrency companies. Thus, the expansion of Coinbase confirms the intention of Japan to become the world’s cryptocurrency center.

Coinbase, which operates in 32 countries, trying to stay ahead of the competition. The company announced the launch of the new trading platform by next year, at the same time, as reported, focusing on acquisition of new startups.

In a statement issued on Coinbase, said:

“As in other markets, we plan to take a measured approach to the implementation in Japan, which means work together with the Japanese FSA to ensure compliance with local laws at each stage. Love Nao to cryptocurrencies, combined with his extensive experience Coinbase offers the best basis for successful promotion on the world’s largest market. As a regulated cryptocurrency company from USA, we will focus on building the kind of trust with new customers in Japan.”

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